Sandy sweeps DC, NYC and me
Just left NY and DC a few days ago. The weather was unseasonably warm. The leaves had not turned orange or fallen to the ground. No chill yet. I took a picture with my friend Bob Lee on the bridge that connects Chinatown to Brooklyn. The great storm has changed this scene and the lives of millions overnight. These catastrophic events are occurring too frequently these days.

Here are some words from Bob Lee, who had to climb 44 flights to his Chinatown apartment that night.

For Lower Manhattan the whole virtual media Matrix has
Dissolved and reality of our empathy/feelings
For those near can be felt without buzz
Of this electronic polis. I recall during Backout
Of Apr 13, 2003 biking in darkness through
Manhattan, couples & small clusters of ppl
Chatting intimately quietly unseen together
That my tiny key light caught glimpses of,
At last a bit of freedom from the virtual systems that
Could no longer stop us from hearing the silent
Rhythms of our being.
Should we not recognize
This unexpected respite in the midst of civic
Turmoil, this chance to live more simply yet
More fully, should not OWS seize on this
Moment, to celebrate it with all those who
Found such accidental moments, alone
Or shared with friends or NYker strangers,
Touched by these, feelings normally alienated
From the city's voracious hum, its just us. We can claim
This moment. Though in the midst of Halloween,
A tender moment, a real space we share,
Perhaps closer to each of us, more real than

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