Community Engagement through workshops and residencies has long been a facet of Great Leap’s art making with both youth and adults. Eco-Arts educates diverse communities on the intersection between culture and environment.

An example is working with the Japanese American Buddhist community. To deepen understanding of the tradition of ‘Mottainai’ (it’s a shame to waste nature) among younger generations, the music from the MOTTAINAI video was choreographed into an Obon circle dance. In 2011-12, over 10,000 participants in 16 Buddhist temples practiced it for their Obon Festivals in the Southwest. The practice is spreading yearly, along with the meaning of ‘Mottainai.’

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FANDANGO is a participatory music and dance tradition from Vera Cruz, Mexico. OBON is a Japanese Buddhist tradition of music and circle dances in remembrance of ancestors. QUETZAL and NOBUKO MIYAMOTO weave FANDANGO and OBON into a groundbreaking new music/dance composition, \'BAM BUTSU\' that engages us as a community to experience \'all things connected.\'

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