My Two Good Hips
My Two Good Hips

This morning I woke up feeling
My right leg didn’t belong to me
Strange, it had always been my favorite
In my dancing days
My right leg soared higher
My right foot pointed better
My right grande jetes were grander…
My right pirouette always outnumbered the left

In my later days
My right leg continued to be the leader
In taichi it could extend higher, kick harder
In yoga, I always tucked my right foot over left in half lotus

But now, my right leg is a stranger
Listless and lost
Unresponsive and in pain
Maybe she’s looking for that craggily old hip bone
That once held upper and lower body together
Maybe she’s having trouble accepting
The shiny new titanium and ceramic joint
That’s taken its place

I try to give my right leg love and light
Massage it out of its lostness
Convince her to embrace the new
But still nothing

In these days of healing
I’ve grown a new appreciation of my left leg, its foot, its hip
I now realize it’s the one I’ve always relied on
The one I pivoted and balanced on
My Left Leg has always been my supporting, centering leg
The one that gave me push and power
And now again, I rely on my good ol’ left leg with each step of healing

So I decided I need to do something
To bring my new right hip into the family
I gave her a name…”Hatsue”
Yes! my favorite Buddhist aunt
My left hip I named “Mitsue,” after my mother
So the two sisters, Hatsue and Mitsue, are reunited
They walk within me
My two good hips

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