My New Friend, Walker
On June 10, 2011, I had Hip Replacement Surgery, common for dancers of a certain age. This has taken me from 33 years of Great Leap to a few weeks of ‘little steps”…a slow, quiet time with its challenges of healing, a time I’m actually relishing. My intention was to keep this time private, with no pressures, but the stillness has actually spawned a little creativity. So many people have expressed concern with emails, food, shopping, phone calls, advice and companionship. So I decided to share some of my experiences through these little poems. I’m not promising a regular schedule, just whenever I feel it. So, enjoy my ‘little steps.’

I Have A New Friend, Walker
My brother brought him by the hospital
The day after my Hip Replacement Surgery
(I’m much hipper now)
Since then Walker has become my constant companion
He’s the first thing I look for when I get out of bed
He gets me to a chair to eat my meals
He slowly glides me to the bathroom
He even walked me into my first shower at the hospital
And my husband isn’t even jealous!
Walker doesn’t look like someone
I’d ordinarily have a relationship with
But Walker has really grown on me
I appreciate his stability
His sympathetic shoulders
His quiet faithfulness
And his wheels!
There’s nothing quite like
Walking with my new friend, Walker

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