MOTTAINAI and our Beloved and Creative Community

Something wondrous happened last weekend. It started with a little song MOTTAINAI, that came through me. It’s a Japanese word that means
‘a shame to waste nature,’ that grew into a music video which we shot this weekend. It brought together an ingenious director (Dan Kwong), 3 glorious grandmothers, 4 adorable children, 3 soulful singers, 5 musicians, 2 trash-made puppets,16 dumpster dancers, a marvelous tech crew, a mountain of yummy food a gang of volunteers and dozens of donors. Somehow the months of prep and struggle came together in typical Great Leap fashion. In 48 intense hours, we harmoniously pulled the elephant through the needle’s eye, to make a 4-minute offering to help us change our mindless wasting of precious resources of our planet.

It was the Beloved and Creative Community in action. Much gratitude to all who made it happen.

Watch for MOTTAINAI on YouTube, June 5!

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