What does DJ Phatrick, Geologic, Nobuko, Kiwi and Grace Lee Boggs have in common?
ANSWER: We were all at the exciting and expanding, Out of the Margins, AA Conference in Ann Arbor, March 25-27. We performed for Grace and a packed house of enthusiastic Asian Americans from Michigan and coast to coast. And, we got to sit at the feet of amazing political guru, Grace Boggs, to absorb her experience and wisdom. Anyone who wants to make a better world has got to read her book, THE NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION: sustainable activism for the twenty-first century. She and Scott Kurushige packed he 95 years experience and expansive thinking into a concise 200 pages. Read it and let me know what you think. It started me writing my next song: “What Time Is It On The Clock Of The World.”

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