I Dream A Garden
I'm on my way to Detroit....barefoot flying. I will be there for the US Social Forum, a gathering of activists from around the country. They say 10,000 to 15,000 will be there. For me its a revisit to a journeys I taken to Detroit in 2001- 2, when Grace Lee Boggs invited me to create some kind of art project around the urban gardeners. After many visits and much learning on how visionary activists were trying to recreate their city, from the ground up, I created an earth healing dance. I wrote a song "I Dream A Garden", which a gospel choir sang, and I led a giant circle dance in the garden of Genesis Church, with hundreds of participants.

I'm thrilled to again be invited back to Detroit, to remount the song/dance with a community that wants to do it every year. This makes me so happy. It's like the song/dances for Buddhist tradition of Obon, which we do yearly to remember our ancestors. Now Detroit will have one, and in the future perhaps many more, to help re-spirit and remember those visionaries like Grace Lee Boggs and Gerald Hairston, and so many more who have planted seeds of hope for that city.

"I Dream A Garden" will be done on Friday nite, June 25...if you're around, join us!

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