B.Y.O. CHOPSTIX: Great Leap takes another great leap!
Great Leap has always used art to answer pressing social needs in it’s 31 year history. First we created expressions of the long-silenced Asian American experience. When the racial divides of the LA Uprising happened in ‘92, we created “A Slice of Rice, Frijoles and Greens” so Asian, Latino and African American artists could tell their own stories on stage together (and still touring). After 9/11 we wove together Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish artists and communities on the stage and in workshops. Now, an encompassing need is upon us, permeating across all cultures….the environment, our earth, the mother of us all.

How do we express this in a way that engages, informs, enlightens…and gives some solutions beyond gloom and doom. This is our first offering: B.Y.O. CHOPSTIX! It’s a music video on YouTube about throwaway chopsticks….you know, those cute wooden sticks we use once for Asian food, then “throw away, throw away, throw away.” A hundred billion are used around the world yearly. Can you imagine how many trees? How much CO2?

We want to start a conversation. What about a movement? Well, at least we can all B.Y.O CHOPSTIX. We want to show how our small acts can make a big difference. So join us on this journey.

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