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"Aloha to the Neighborhood"

About Aloha:

Volunteer Painters
115 volunteers ranging from ages 3-80
Founders of Aloha Grocery Hiroshi and Alice Uyehara
Design Team

Community Process

Aloha Voices:

"Teamwork, Diversity, Struggle and Unity on the Wall"
by Jenni Kuida, Project Coordinator

Sergio's Perspective
by Sergio Diaz, Assistant Production Coordinator

"Local Aloha" 1/15/2000 - About the Aloha Mural Unveiling
by Steve Lucero, Pasadena City College

Making a Mural
by Alexis Estrada, 3rd grader at Wilton Place School

Poem by Emily P. Lawsin
Image of gardener at work
Image of Grandma: immigrant seamstress/garment worker

Quotes by Participants

Aloha Photos:

Aloha Grocery Historical Photos

Photos of Volunteers
Neighborhood Matching Fund Photos before, during, after
Mural Unveiling Photos 1/15/2000
Detroit Summer 2000 Mural

PerryMiyake.com -
See Perry's website which features the mural's image. He has written a new novel called, "21st Century Manzanar" which includes many references to the Venice JA community.

Aloha's Closing: It is with a great deal of sadness that we announce that as of March 14, 2000, Aloha Grocery closed after 44 years of business. We wish the Uyehara family much love and happiness in their future and thank them for generously giving their wall to the community.

Mago's Closing: On November 11, 2000, Mago's Famous Hamburgers closed. Directly across the street from the Mural, many of the mural painters spent Saturdays having banana chocolate shakes and teriyaki avocado chicken burritos and tacos. We will miss Mago's, which has been in the Centinela neighborhood for over 30 years. Marina Mago's restaurant also closed in Summer 2002.

Please patronize Angel Maid Bakery, Sally's Beauty Salon, Sakura's Sushi, and other small businesses on the Centinela strip!

Mural address: Former site of Aloha Grocery, 4515 Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. On Centinela Avenue between Washington and Culver Boulevards (cross street Short Avenue).

Sponsors: This website is hosted by Great Leap. This mural was sponsored by the Centinela Community Coalition, Aloha Grocery and Great Leap, and funded by the Los Angeles City Public Works Department, Operation Clean Sweep, Neighborhood Matching Fund.

Last Update: 11/21/02

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